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Specification: HG series linear guideway
Color: Green &Black
Material: Bearing Steel
Brand name: Inpro
Types: HGH,HGW and HGL

1. Applied in semiconductor manufacturing equipment, printed circuit boards, IC assembly equipment, medical equipment, robotic arms, precision measurement machine and other small linear motion device.
2. It has higher load capacity and rigidity than other similar products
3.It has a long life with high speed, high accuracy and smooth linear motion.


1-1 HG Series - Heavy Load Ball Type Linear Guideway

1-1-1  Structure of HG Series


1-1-2 Standard and Maximum Lengths of Rail

INPRO offers a number of  standard rail lengths. Standard rail lengths feature  end mounting hole placements set to predetermined values (E). For non-standard rail lengths, be sure to specify the E-value to be no greater than 1/2 the pitch (P) dimension. An E-value greater than this will result in unstable rail ends.


L =(n-1)  xP + 2   E     ···············    Eq.2.2

L : Total length of rail (mm)

n : Number of mounting holes

P : Distance between any two holes (mm)

E : Distance from the center of the last hole to the edge (mm)


Contact Information:
Andrew Chan

Cell: 0086-180 6833 2257

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